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March 2015



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Sometimes you have to take a step back, let things take their own course and get yourself ready to be someone else’s everything.



So far I’ve learned that there are more than 72,000 nadis in our body. According to Yoga, the nadis are the channels of energy, in which it enters and flows through our body.

The three principal nadis are:

Ida, Pingala and shushumna.

Ida and Pingala are the representation of duality. Ida being feminine and Pingala masculine. This is just a way of seeing them because they complement each other.

To activate this first two, there comes respiration (we did this on my first class of meditation and I found it really relaxing).

First you should know that Ida belongs to the left side of your nose and Pingala to the right side. To begin with:

If you’re a woman you should close your right nostril (with your fingers) and inhale for about 2 minutes through your left nostril only. If you’re a man it is the opposite: close your left nostril and inhale through the right one.

After these two minutes you should exchange nostrils (the opposite way) and you should repeat these for about 3 times each nostril.

After this exercise we shall activate SHUSHUMNA, which is not difficult but we barely do anything to work with it. Shushumna is located on your back, right about the hip area. What you do next is you activate the energy flow from Ida and Pingala by walking.

Meditation walking to activate Shushumna:

Begin with your right foot. Slowly lift your right foot (as you would normally do when taking a step) but watch your breathing. This motion (from lifting until your foot is not touching the ground anymore) is the time you should spend inhaling. Then keep the air within you and exhale only when you begin placing your foot again on the floor (exhaling should last until your feet is fully touching the ground. Then repeat with your left foot.

You should keep walking for about 10 to 15 minutes.

The thing about this is that you should be really aware of your respiration, on how long it takes you to stride, keeping your balance and peace of mind all at the same time.

After walking, lay on your side: fetal position and rest for 10 minutes.

I really recommend doing this practice, it really teaches about patience and well, for me it was about understanding how I live in a hurry and how hard it is for me to slow down.

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