THE 12TH HOUSE (read it as in “The Twilight zone”)

“You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into… The Twelfth zone.

Rod Serling

Well, maybe for others, the 12th house is easy to describe/perceive. To me it’s like a void. I have too much of an earthy chart (Virgo/mercury sun, Capricorn moon), so when I can’t classify something, be practical and make sense out of it, it’s really hard for me to understand it. This house is not a material nor rational house, it’s not like the 2nd where money is or the 7th where your significant other is… its energy goes beyond placement. Its water, its emotion, its lonely and its forever there, transits or not.

I get the theory though:

-The house of endings, letting go, the ultimate stage of emotional surrender (Pisces energy). It is also the house of karma, subconscious, unknown enemies, imagination, psyche, pain, loses and the gifts you have that must be given to others (and basically everything you would never want to put your hands on). But it is there, in the back of your mind where you can’t reach it until your life shows you something’s not quite right.

-It is also described as the time you spend in the uterus, just before you were born. Therefore, the sign/planets there have a lot to say about your gestation period and how your mother/father dealt with. Also, the planets that do appear in this position, usually feel lost and vulnerable, and it’s really hard for them to express their whole energy.

So, with that said (I’ll probably, eventually, one day, will write about other signs in the 12th house). But for now, since I’m a Capricorn rising/Saturn-return-on-point woman, I’ll focus on that. I understand that this house is about confinement, about giving up something you cherish because you owe it to society and to your past life. There go your fears too, your very illogical ideas, diseases since it opposes the 6th house, the feelings that overwhelm you and I’d like to say that it also includes the emotional wounds that keep you living in vicious cycles (and you’re not completely aware of them).

All of these combined is the energy of the house, then you place the sign in it and voila! It’s probably fear of freedom for me (and all the other things that Sagittarius energy stands for) which I’ll write about in the next post.


X, Gitz