I’m a textile designer. I’m mexican (expect some spanish posts) I love desserts (making them even more) and everything that’s magical or mysterious gets my whole attention (Neptune Ascendant).

I’m studying to become an astrologer, but I’m still trying to find out where I should head in life. I’ve always been very dreamy so now I’m trying to make my dreams come true with a personal design brand (Capricorn risign).

So, I’ll write about what I’ll learn and already know. About relationships, my thoughts, quotes that I love and everything that tends to go supernatural. Aside from that, occasionally I may upload what I cook (venus in cancer), what I eat and how I try to stay fit (Virgo Sun).

I’m looking for positive feedback since I’m not used to writing or showing my self, cause it makes me feel really vulnerable (another topic that I may include here).